A Good Day

Lughnasa and the Harvest Moon

Monday gratefuls: Jon. His service here. So sweet. Just right. Ruth and I ok. Gabe his usual wry self. Sarah’s remarkable diplomacy. Seoah’s amazing crab boil. Just like the Korean Cajun place in Honolulu. Ram Dass, “We’re all just walking each other home.”

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Family


I have an emendation to J.O.E. It is now J2OE. That is Johnson.Jang.Olson.Ellis. Left out the Korean side of our odd little clan. My mistake.


Yesterday was something we all needed. A good day. Heartfelt. Bonding. Rabbi Jamie came and helped us navigate the many who wanted to share stories of Jon. Ruth wore clothes she and Seoah bought on Saturday. Gabe slumped on the couch near Jamie. Max, Jon’s long and good friend, was here from Minneapolis and spoke a touching remembrance of their friendship.

After the service Seoah did a crab boil with a Dungeness crab I had from the Sitka Salmon Shares folks. We ate in the reconfigured dining room where Kate had her sewing room. It was a wonderful funeral meal with a lot of laughing.

Anguish is such an amazing teacher. It forces usĀ  into spaces we might otherwise find inaccessible. Like seeing a person’s amazing side. Jon was Magical. Gentle. Kind. A Creative. Ruth’s person. Gabe’s rock. And how he and his mom opened us all to the new family born in the fire of their pyres.

We’re now in the more practical days. When can we move onto the house, Ivory (the Rav4 gifted to Ruth)? Creating the estate for the kids. Probably slower and less fraught. I sure hope so anyhow.

I continue to experience fatigue. That is, I sleep, but am not rested. I’ll say again. I could not have handled this without J2.O.E. I would have ended up in some dark cave, huddled up and sad.

The Traveling Willbury’s below is their response to their bandmate Roy Orbison’s death.


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