Selling the Jeep

Written By: Charles - Feb• 08•23

Imbolc and the Valentine Moon

Wednesday gratefuls: Kep the nosy one. His good mornings. Mine, too. Tom. That one Star through the Lodgepoles last night. The Aspen shining in the Moonlight. Feelings. Cancer. Gratitude itself. Surviving eight years. The time of our lives. Ichi-e ichi-go. This one wild and precious life. MVP tonight. Rich. Alan. Moving in a bit more than a week. Cold. Atmospheric Rivers. The North Fork of the South Platte. Bailey. The Smiling Pig. Happy Camper.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: That one Star shining through the Lodgepoles


On Monday I put in a 100 minutes of cardio. Finished that, put on my hat and coat, went to the garage. Moved the snowblower and the garbage can out of the way. Time for the Jeep to go to Carmax.

Stopped for a Quizno’s sub on the way. Not impressed. First and last time. Got to Carmax and handed over the voluminous paper work they gave me the last time I was there. All signed. Quite the operation. A huge parking lot filled with used cars nice and shiny. A spacious room where would be buyers meet salespeople at kiosks scattered around the floor. All in a blue and yellow and birch wood decor that continues in the blue employee uniform tops.

The operation where I took the Jeep had a bit more used look to it. The seating though modern showed wear. At a reception like desk sat the young woman I’d encountered before. I handed her everything. Has it been more than 7 days since your online quote? Yes. She handed everything back to me. You can give this to me after the appraisal if you want to go through with it then.

A polite Asian man collected the Jeep keys, explaining that the process would take about 35 to 45 minutes. After that? Oh, only about 15 minutes. OK. While the appraisal was begun I called for my very first Uber ride. Well. Not called. Used the online app. They could have somebody there by 3:40. Fine. $56. I was a ways from home far up on Broadway in Littleton, almost to Englewood.

The appraisal came back a little lower than the earlier one but not much. The process seemed fair and it was quick. Only 15 minutes. I took the appraisal and the paperwork back up, handed it in. In a bit I had a check in hand. Easy peasy. Sort of a pawn shop experience only with cars.

The Uber driver came early and I got in his silver Murano. We talked all the way. He drove me past the place where he bought all of his barbecue gear. Proud Souls Barbecue & Provisions. “We don’t just sell barbecue, we live it.” The driver, Tom, grinds his own meat for sausage, cures his own bacon. Has a setup for everything barbecue. Smokes meats of all kinds.

He’s been driving for Uber for several years. His only gig. He likes the freedom and the flexibility. Drives 8 to 10 hours a day. Starts with trying to hit surge pricing rides around 6:30 am. Uber cut all the drivers portion of the fair by 20% last Thanksgiving. Thanks for that, eh? No explanation. Even with that, he still enjoys the work. Before this he was a dog walker. In better shape then he said.

Glad to get home without the hassle of driving myself. Almost worth $56. Thanks, Sarah and Annie.

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