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Spring                                                                   New Bee Hiving Moon The dogs, that is, Sollie and Rigel, still have energy for the fight.  Damn it.  I’ve not yet figured out a foolproof strategy for keeping them away from flashpoints.  I will. Kate called and she … Continue reading

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Family Celebrations

Imbolc                                                                Waxing Bridgit Moon No aurora so far.  A big solar flare yesterday, but nothing much going on right now. I had a truly senior birthday dinner experience.  At 4:10 I went into see my physician, Tom Davis, to get … Continue reading

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Live From the Front Range

Winter                                                   Waxing Moon of the Cold Month Ancientrails hits the road tomorrow, coming to you cyberlive from Denver, Colorado in the new and rapidly expanding area around the old Stapleton Airport.  There will be wonderful grandchildren stories, important updates on … Continue reading

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Summer                                      Waxing Grandchildren Moon OK.  This will be last of this.  But.  Kate reminded me of her surgery on June 30th.  Which preceded preparation for and the arrival and stay of Jon, Jen, Ruth and Gabe followed then, as I … Continue reading

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Home Again

Summer                                           Waxing Grandchildren Moon The grandkids have returned home to Denver.  Their parents only have a couple of weeks now before they return to their teaching jobs, Jon in elementary art and Jen in EFL elementary work in an experimental … Continue reading

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