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Clean Teeth. Legislation. Western Civ.

Spring                                                                       Waning Bloodroot Moon Dangerous driving conditions tomorrow. Winter storm warning.  Who stole my spring? Into the city twice today, once to get my teeth cleaned and a second time for a Sierra Club meeting on legislative basics.  The teeth … Continue reading

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Cultural Relativism

Summer                                 Waxing Strawberry Moon “The trouble with life isn’t that there is no answer, it’s that there are so many answers.” – Ruth Benedict Long ago, back in the Paleozoic 1960’s I majored in anthropology.  Anthropology taught me a lot, … Continue reading

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PostModern? Oh, Yeah? Prove it.

Spring                                              Awakening Moon It’s been a long, long dry spell.  We’ve had no appreciable rain or snow since ()  and the garden has begun to show it.  The daffodils have come up a bit stunted, many still in the ground … Continue reading

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