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Clean Teeth. Legislation. Western Civ.

Spring                                                                       Waning Bloodroot Moon Dangerous driving conditions tomorrow. Winter storm warning.  Who stole my spring? Into the city twice today, once to get my teeth cleaned and a second time for a Sierra Club meeting on legislative basics.  The teeth … Continue reading

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Getting Over the Pain

  Samhain                                             Waxing Thanksgiving Moon Well.  A good night’s sleep, little swelling this morning and no discernible pain.  So far this recovery has had no bite other than fatigue and disorientation, some of which continues this morning.  Still taking the … Continue reading

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Here Comes the Pain

Samhain                                                 Waxing Thanksgiving Moon The gauze is out and the long acting anesthetic still has control of the pain.  Cold packs on my right every half hour, ibuprofen and vicodin for bedtime.  Should be ok, though tomorrow could be worse … Continue reading

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