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Winter and the Future Moon Monday gratefuls: Ruth and Jon skiing. Gabe peeling potatoes. Kate getting Murdoch upstairs. The picker at King Sooper. Having Sunday free of workout. Cleaning off my table. Organizing and preserving my paintings. Kate paying the … Continue reading

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The Holy

Winter                                                                     Waxing Moon Took Kate to Bailey yesterday, the social hall of St. Mary’s of the Rockies. She stayed several hours for a meeting of the Bailey Patchworkers. It was the first time she’d been back since August, a session … Continue reading

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Awesome, Dude

Winter                                                                              Waxing Moon I’m gonna say between 12 and 15 inches over the last 36 hours. We’ve been plowed twice and our contract specifies 6 inches as the minimum for a push. I’ve cleared the back decks 4 times, or … Continue reading

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One Toke Over the Line Sweet Moses

Lughnasa                                                          Waning Summer Moon The loft is clean. Sandy does such a great job. And, she does it while living with the after effects of two brain surgeries and the yet remaining tumor which necessitated a round of radiation to … Continue reading

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Way Back in the Promised Land

Beltane                                                                               Sumi-e Moon Into Denver yesterday, saw Jerusalem, the I-MAX 3-D show. (see below) When it finished, I left Kate on the museum’s third floor at the entrance to the Dead Sea Scrolls show and went down to find the … Continue reading

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