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Written By: Charles - Aug• 31•21

Lughnasa and the Chesed Moon

Tuesday gratefuls: Telemedicine. Waiting for Kristie. Prostate cancer. Orgovyx. Pet scan results. The Mountains. The Blue Sky. The fresh Air. Sun. Oxygen. Emily and her nail clippers. Graduating from p.t. Rebecca.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Mortality

Tarot: Ace of Cups (again)


Waiting on Kristie for a telemedicine appointment. She’ll give me my PET scan results and, I imagine, my bone density, results, too. Feels uncomfortably like sitting for a final exam. Did I study hard enough? What if she asks questions I don’t know the answer to? Oh, well. I’m as prepared now as I’ll ever be. I always was a good test taker, that might help.

Emily came by yesterday and clipped Rigel and Kepler’s nails. Rigel allowed it, sort of. Kep surprised by both of us by being skittish. He’s had a bad experience somewhere. It was good to see her again after the Hawai’i trip. When I go to Hawai’i in February(probably), I’ll use her again if she’s available.

Oh, my. Here we go.

OK. The results. Left side pelvic lymph nodes lit up. A suspicious area in the bone of the right hip. And, a doubtful reading of something in the cervical spine. That means I do have metastasized cancer. Kristie, whom I trust, says this is very treatable. We can manage this for twenty years, she said with a very confident tone of voice.

I’m a bit less sanguine since I’ve had my prostate removed, Lupron, and 35 sessions of radiation, yet here I am with an elevated PSA and cancer in my lymph nodes. Kristie says, as does Eigner, that of all the cancers, prostate cancer is one they can manage.

I want to believe and I know the truth is out there.

Taking Kep into the VRCC today for his allergy shot. Afterwards, a haircut with Jackie, whom I always like to see.

Had a sad day yesterday. Sorta outa the blue. Although waiting on my PET scan results probably figured into it. I was missing Kate, feeling lonely and isolated. Didn’t feed it, didn’t ignore it. Experienced it and the sadness dissolved.

Need to go for breakfast, get ready to take the Kepster into Lakewood. Ta for now.


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