Cancer Wonderland

Yule and the Moon of the New Year

Saturday gratefuls: Jon, Ruth, Gabe coming up for supper tomorrow. Kristie, a sweet woman and a good doc. Erleda. Kep wandering the fenceline, picking up his feet and placing them down in the Snow. Safety deposit box in Littleton. Emergency protection. Freddy’s burgers. Mmm, good. Clear driving today. Considering this question from Paul: “What if space, time, reality is more than a linear path and is a prism of endless possibility. What new possibility(s) is calling to you now?”

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Cancer fighting drugs

Tarot question: How will I cope with cancer? The spread: 1. Context. 2. Where to Focus 3. Outcome

The cards: 1. Ten of Vessels, Happiness. 2. Ace of Vessels, the Waters of Life. 3. Seven of Bows, Clearance.

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Went down the rabbit hole quite a while back. Entered the Wonderland of cancer therapy. OMG. Orgovyx. $834 a month. Now. Erleda*. $3,000 a month. (and these are the co-pays!) Many blessings on whoever gives, for whatever reason to the Assistance Fund. They brought my co-pay for Orgovyx to first $10 a month and now zero. Bridgit assures me they’ll do the same for Erleda.

Oh, BTW: Insurance denied Prolia for my osteopenia. Just because they can, I think. Make it hard to get. Kristie’s on it though.

The pricing of drugs has been a scandal in this country for several decades. It got worse in the last 15 or so years when certain drug barons and baronesses hiked the price on often used drugs like insulin and epi-pens.

This one looks good

Not sure which level of hell Dante would choose for them. I’m thinking a new level, level 10, where each person involved gets the disease their drugs would have treated and have to spend eternity alternating between experiencing the symptoms and begging for help with the drugs availability.

Erleda will go in and wrap up the cancer cells in my lymph nodes and elsewhere, make it impossible for them to take in nutrients. Like testosterone. As Kristie explained this, I felt a pang of sympathy for the cancer cells, slowly starving. But, I got over it.

In return I probably get more hot flashes, more fatigue, and possible dizziness. Not something for nothing.

At 74 is this my life now? Drugs, expensive drugs, that put the hurt on cancer but also give me side effects? Kristie says no. That I’ll probably take Orgovyx for two years, Erleda for one. At least. Then both she and Dr. Eigner, her supervisor and my oncologist, prefer giving a holiday for some period of time. No drugs at all.

In August we’ll do another Axumin scan to see how we’re doing measured against the one done in August of 2021. I imagine that will be the drill from now on. Scans to check on the efficacy of the drug therapy.

The ancientrail continues

I did not have a genetic mutation for prostate cancer. That’s sorta good news. At least for brother Mark. For me, not so much, since I imagined to acquire prostate cancer without a mutation.

Went to Wells Fargo on Chatfield in Littleton. Put trust documents, insurance policies, birth certificates and marriage licenses in the safety deposit box. My passport was, thank god, in there.

Back home. Wore me out.

See you soon.


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