Imbolc and the 3/4 Moon

Thursday gratefuls: Forgot Wednesday. David Sanders. Jodi. The new kitchen. The furniture rearranging and moving. Herme going on the wall sometime in March. Along with that Arts and Crafts chandelier being hung. Kep. A very good boy. Rigel, returned to her constellation. Kate, always Kate. Snow and Cold. A Minnesota winter week for Shadow Mountain. Great sleeping.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: The heart/mind

Tarot: The Knight of Bows


I’m a fence sitter when it comes to ideas. I can hold the polarities, as kabbalah teaches, but when it comes to saying yes to something like the soul, I shy away.

Seems it went like this. Freshman philosophy at Wabash. All those proofs for the existence of God that Father Ed gave me my senior year of high school. That I loved. That seemed clear and irrefutable. Pretty refutable. After that, Camus.

Reinforcing Camus was the flat earth metaphysics of the logic positivists and the linguistic analysts. Wittgenstein: That of which we cannot speak, we must be silent. I inhaled.

No god. Or, if there was one they weren’t very good at their job. Anyhow, I became an enlightenment guy, empiricist full stop. Skeptical, sometimes veering into nihilism, sometimes cynicism. Actually, a sort of lonely place.

Appleton, Wisconsin. Married, deeply unhappy. Working in a paper mill cutting rags to make paper for the U.S. Treasury. Drinking way too much. Trying to live with the open marriage I entered into willingly. In my head. But not in my heart. In a city I could not embrace.

Judy and I decided to part ways, but not divorce. I’d find politics and the church. The politics led me to seminary. A Kierkegaardian moment gave me a window into the Christian faith without having to accept the metaphysics. I’d live as if I believed.

Worked. I took a deep, deep dive into Christian theology, ethics, mystical thought. Practiced several forms of mediation like lectio divina, the Jesus Prayer, contemplating the ineffability of God.

Worked until it didn’t. I began searching in my heritage, my Celtic heritage for writing ideas. Found the Great Wheel of the Seasons. This time I not only inhaled. I held it in. Got giddy. A new way of looking at the world, an animistic way, a pagan way. Not Christian. Oops.

Not like Judaism. Where your belief in God is your business. Even for Rabbi’s. Had to bale. Lucky I met Kate. She gave me a parachute out of a difficult situation. Kate though.

She was a flat earther, too. A scientist. A mathematician. A healer. And my love. She took to the animist idea, the live close to the earth, live with animals. Dogs in particular. Bees. We loved each other into the land of Andover. Growing vegetables. Planting an orchard. Making our own cutting gardens. Seeding much of our front yard with prairie flowers and grasses. Harvesting honey. Building a fire pit for those cool Minnesota evenings.

Kate was also a Jew. A convert when she was thirty. A Jew of the heart. She went to a service at Temple Israel and began to cry. She felt at home. Kate was not a cryer. Probably a mystical experience in retrospect.

During our Andover years we worshiped Mother Earth and Father Sun. In the old way. By working with them to grow food, to enhance the beauty of our home. Those years with hands in the soil, seeds and seedlings our tools, made me-and her-into confirmed animist/pagans.

Until we moved to the Mountains. It was time to take on new masks and tasks. We stumbled upon Congregation Beth Evergreen late in our first year here. Kate found a home for her Jewish soul. And I found a home for my animist/pagan one.

All this to get to one sentence: I’m going to live as if evolutionary panentheism and the notion of a soul are true. Said another way, I’m going to live into them.



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