Beltane and the Living in the Mountains Moon


Saturday gratefuls: Gabe. His help w/: the olive plate, learning lines, locating the beep. Attending synagogue. Rabbi Jamie. Alan. The meal last night. Kep. Sleep. Cool night. Aspen tree losing its crown. Warmer weather. Rain yesterday evening. CBE. Feeling in/out. Dues. Bond and Devick. Money.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Ruth’s early release

Tarot: Nine of Bows, Respect

“There is a scary Woodwose in the forest passing by your path. He is swinging up a roughly carved bow. The Woodwose is referred to in many ancient myths around the world as a wild, huge, and hairy man in the forest. He challenges our dedication and courage when we want to continue on the path we have chosen.”

“As we approach the heart of a spiritual seeker, the motivation and honesty of human desires are challenged. Ancient wisdom requires the seeker to be humble and selfless. Respecting others and their environment is essential to move on the path of enlightenment. There is no perfection without experiencing challenges.”


Gabe’s been up here since Thursday night. He pretty much takes care of himself at 14. He read the part of Eddie in View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller so I could work on learning my lines. Two times through were enough for him. He read well and I think found it intriguing.

We’re doing a showcase of our scenes on June 27th so I asked Gabe to come. Along with Ruth and Jon of course. I went to so many of your performances. Now you can come and see one of mine!

He likes going to the synagogue, being with other Jews. He gets bored, but I do, too. The services go longer than I can usually stand. And I don’t know Hebrew. Same for him. But we see people, talk. And last night had a great meal. All vegetarian. We took an olive plate, using one of Kate’s cut crystal serving platters that had dividers. We had five kinds of olives. Gabe put them on the plate and carried them in.

He likes Rabbi Jamie. He wants the Rabbi to take him for a ride on his motorcycle. I think both he and Ruth would be well served if they could be at CBE more often. I keep mentioning it. They agree, but it’s difficult since they live so far away.

Part of my contribution to everybody’s mental health is to host the grandkids as often as they want to come. Often it’s Ruth and Gabe. This time just Gabe.


A week that went by with some angst, some avoidance. Tiredness. My new prescription for synthroid at 50 mg arrives on Monday. Should up my energy level, bring down my cholesterol numbers. Finding the right dose does take some time Kristan told me. Hope this is it. But, it may not be.

Fatigue lowers my spirits. I think it does for most of us. Looking forward to a boost.


Had a good week on the workout side of things. 3 hours and 40 minutes. Two days on Mountain trails. Two days of resistance work and treadmill cardio. I take the weekends off because I like to have the free time in the mornings. Need it to get domestic stuff done.


Reading more and more these days. Feels good. Bewilderment. About half way done. It’s a shorter book. Connie Zweig. Unamuno.


Breakfast out with Rebecca this morning. Short post. See you tomorrow.


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