How to Use Time Well

Summer                                       Waning Grandchildren Moon

Once upon a time a young man, now turned old, began again to consider a quest that had eluded him, eluded him since those days long ago when he left the small village and went off to school.  The quest had always seemed simple.  In each day given to us there are 24 hours.  8 or so of those find him occupied with sleep and dreaming, low focus and imaginative connections.  Another number of hours, maybe 3 or 4, give him nourishment through shopping, cooking, eating meals.  2 more hours pass by in exercise to keep the now older body able to handle the rigors of advancing age.  Maybe a half an hour, 45 minutes, finds him at a mirror or working a toothbrush, showering.  This is 15 hours allowing for things the young man now turns old under estimates as he is wont to do.

That leaves 9 hours, barely more than a third of the 24 hours for creative work, political work, artistic work the kind of things that all that maintenance related activity undergirds.  The quest is this:  how to use time well.  How to get the most out of hours and minutes allotted each day.  This fabled question has befuddled lots of folks over the ages, and it is one the young man now turned old seems not to be able to answer.

The journey has begun again.  As it has and as it will probably yet again, too.  Reorder.  Rethink.  Try again.

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