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A Decent Insurance Sales Agent

Winter                                                       Waning Moon of the Cold Month Kathryn Kiegler has restored, no, wait that’s too strong, has challenged my opinion about insurance sales folk.  She gave us good advice, walked us through the labyrinth that is Medicare and the various … Continue reading

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Finishing the Puzzle–Not Quite Done. But Close.

Winter                                                              Waning Moon of the Cold Month One more piece of the retirement puzzle should get put in place today, Medicaid part D for Kate.  We’re visiting an adviser recommended by both Ruth Hayden and RJ Devick  to help us … Continue reading

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Oh, boy.

Samhain                                                Waxing Moon of the Winter Solstice Annual physical tomorrow morning.  This ritual obeisance to the gods of health and long life are, of course, futile.  No matter how closely we monitor our health, no matter how compliant with diet, … Continue reading

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