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Beltane                                                           Sliver Bee Hiving Moon Bees check this morning.  Colony 1 is queenright.  Colonies 2 and 3 were not queenright because I had improperly handled the indirect release.  The queens were in the cage still, being tended to by the … Continue reading

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An Art Day

Spring                                                             Waxing Bee Hiving Moon Two tours today, 2nd graders at 10:00 am and a group of seniors from Minnetonka at 1:30.  I took the kids through a mysteries of the ancient world tour.  I love 2nd graders.  They’re eager, … Continue reading

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First Titian Tour

Imbolc                                                                         Full Bridgit Moon First Titian tour today.  If I examine my own touring skills, as I try to from time to time, I find that I’m better touring old master’s of Western art and Asian art than I am … Continue reading

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Carpe this Diem

Imbolc                                                 Waxing Bridgit Moon OK.  Today is a new day.  I do not plan to torture my computers anymore today in regard to my legacy laserjet printer.  It has been a faithful companion throughout the last 19  years and I … Continue reading

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Next Week

Winter                                                                      Waning Moon of the Cold Month With the Latin tutoring session behind me and Chapter 26 coming up, I downloaded a commentary on Caesar’s Gallic Wars with Latin text.  I’m gonna have a shot at it for a while. … Continue reading

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