Written By: Charles - Aug• 29•16

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20160828_135838In Colorado, in instances of contested divorces, the court has the right to appoint a family investigator. Celia, a CFI, Colorado Family Investigator, came to Shadow Mountain at 9 am yesterday. Jon, Ruth and Gabe were all here since this was a Jon weekend. Kate and I had a private conversation with her. She also took time to have conversations with the kids, Gabe pretty easily, Ruth more reluctantly. Jon and Celia have spoken at length prior to this.

The CFI’s primary responsibility is to advise the court on optimal custody and decision making arrangements. The key criteria is the best interest of the children. In Jon and Jen’s instance, where Jen wants full decision making and 12 days of custody to 2 of Jon’s, it’s clear some outside eyes are necessary.

Somehow the morning developed an ad hoc paper airplane making and flying contest. Ruth bought several pieces of paper up to the loft and she, Gabe and I folded planes on the art cart top Jon’s still finishing. Once we each had a plane or two, we took them out to the loft’s deck, maybe 10-12 feet off the ground and sailed them into the backyard. This prompted more paper airplane folding, more launches, a few trips downstairs to retrieve spent planes.

20160829_070057Ruth’s planes, which had small wings at the back, flew best, some doing loop de loops, others sailing for some distance. She helped me fold one like hers, saying, “I’ve taught a lot of people how to make paper airplanes.”

Celia participated, too. After this, Ruth opened up and showed Celia her portfolio. The portfolio is a required component of the application process to Denver’s School of the Arts. Ruth can enter in the sixth grade, so she applies this year. Her portfolio includes drawings, prints, and painting.

After Celia left, Ruth and I made a candle from the wax melted while burning a larger candle, a sort of recycled candle. I don’t know quite how to capture the texture of our afternoon together, but it was fun. We watched about half of Avatar, sat on the couch with Rigel on the couch, her head in Ruth’s lap. We talked, about books, about art.

She and Kate made rice krispy treats, one batch the usual rice krispy tan, the other Ruth’s chosen color, turquoise. She brought me a plate with one of each. They were good.

A fine meal together, steak and roasted potatoes and broccoli, lots of laughing, then the kids had to head back to Denver.

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