Quilting Life

Lughnasa and the Chesed Moon

Friday gratefuls: Hearing. A day off. Two days off. Three.

Mary in Singapore

Cool. Summer waning. Snow. No, not here, but in the high country. Prostate cancer. Orgovyx. Pet scan. Diane. Exercise. Leg much, much less stiff. Mary’s 69th. Wow. The Ellis siblings getting old.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Maxwell Giblin. A new life thread woven into the tapestry. May his life be for a blessing.

Tarot: My Wheel of the Year Spread

Hearing folks called. For want of an ear mold the appointment was lost. Ear mold company backlogged. I can imagine a whole line of other folks’ ears waiting ahead of my single one. Somewhere. For some injection molding machine. Unique, one of a kind. Necessary. No new hearing aid. No Roger’s microphone until the ear mold folks do their job.

Removing that appointment from the week allowed the week’s theme to solidify. Cancer and Tarot. The PET scan results, next Tuesday. My new Tarot spread will be my presentation at the final Tarot and Kabbalah class next Wednesday.

Got a call back from Bear Creek Design. They’ll be out next month to help me redesign and remodel the kitchen. I want a kitchen I love, one that makes me want to cook in it. Also, one that’s prettier, more integrated with the Mountain home, its cedar exterior and its location. I need the boost, both the design changes and a place I want to use. Hope this will help me focus on diet.

Cozy. Kate finishing a quilt gift for Sandy, who will have surgery again this week

Lauri and Jamie, who collected Kate’s stash and books and other items for donation to Bailey Patchworkers, have found several of Kate’s pieced quilts. Piecing is what most folks think of as quilting. It involves designing, cutting, and sewing what we think of as the top of the quilt.

Quilting is the process of adding batting and backing to the pieced top, then sewing them together on a long arm quilting machine. If you look at a quilt, you’ll see stitches that often curve all over the top and back of the quilt. That’s the work of the long arm.

Both Lauri and Jamie hope other quilters in the Bailey Patchworkers will quilt Kate’s pieced tops and return them to me to give as gifts. I hope so, too. It would be delightful to have some of her creative work to offer others, especially now.

Kate’s life and death. A journey completed. The ancientrail of life finished. Where does that trail wind after? Who knows? Well, I do. At least in part. It continues when I see a hangar she used, a jar of her foot cream, or a word like penultimate comes up in conversation. It was a favorite of hers.

It may be true that we die for real when the last person who remembers us dies. Or, we may live on in ways unknown. Perhaps in plants we planted that bloom, or fruit. Perhaps in a jar of honey stored in someone’s pantry. A word or an idea that enters the mainstream of thought. Perhaps in a comfortable night’s sleep under a quilt made by hand in Andover or Conifer. And, yes, perhaps in the great web of becoming which envelopes us all.

Going to write a second post today detailing the Wheel of the Year/Tree of Life spread I’m creating.

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