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The Final Harvest

Fall                                                Waxing Autumn Moon Going out today to collect the rest of the rest of the harvest.  A few potato plants I missed the first time around remain.  Leeks, those Musselberg Giants.  Some carrots, some chard.  Beans.  Rain has appeared … Continue reading

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The Visa Quest Nearly Finished

Lughnasa                                       Waning Harvest Moon Today we moved from conjecture to certainty.  The top person at English Gate Academy, Ahmed, e-mailed Mark and said he would write a personal note to the Saudi Embassy asking them to speed Mark’s visa application … Continue reading

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For Me and My Gal

Lughnasa                                                    Full Harvest Moon Hay wagons filled with laughing teenagers.  Plants beginning to go brown in the garden.  Root cellars and pantries filling up from a growing season almost over.  Thoughts of how to handle snow removal begin to occur.  … Continue reading

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Bee Diary: July 18 2011

Mid-Summer                                                                   Waning Honey Flow Moon The six new honey supers did not prove necessary since I’m still two supers ahead of each colony, but it does look like colonies 2 & 3 have already stored a lot of honey, especially … Continue reading

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Fall                                      New (Harvest) Moon Second round of apiguard in the parent and the divide.  The top box on the package colony has gotten heavier, but I plan to feed them some more as I will do to the parent once … Continue reading

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Tending to Plants and Animals, So They Will Tend to Us.

79  bar rises 29.79  0mph WNW dew-point 64   Sunny and warm Waxing Gibbous Thunder Moon Finished The Thief of Baghdad last night.  This movie, a 1940’s special effects pioneer, has its roots, loosely, in the Arabian Nights.  Just occurred to … Continue reading

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