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A Long Time Ago

Beltane                                                                              Full Last Frost Moon Down to United Seminary for Leslie’s last leadership and development class.  The time with Leslie there was good; we developed a good rapport, even a friendship over the 9 months of conversations and I’ve come … Continue reading

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Beltane                                                                Full Last Frost Moon I now have a full degree in dog barrier visualization, construction and maintenance.  A guest dog, Gertie from Denver, has discovered the joys of orchard exploration.  In her case she  crawls over the fence, runs … Continue reading

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Imbolc                                                            Waxing Bridgit Moon “Belief in the truth commences with the doubting of all those ‘truths’ we once believed.” – Friedrich Nietzsche This intellectual bomb-thrower has always been a favorite of mine though I’ve not ready any of his stuff … Continue reading

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