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Externally, We Swim In the Same Ocean, but…

Winter                                              Waning Moon of the Cold Month “Man must cease attributing his problems to his environment and learn again to exercise his will — his personal responsibility.” – Albert Schweitzer Schweitzer was a favorite of both my mother and my … Continue reading

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The Self

Samhain                                                   Waxing Thanksgiving Moon Woollies at Stefan’s house tonight.  Bill, Frank, Warren, Stefan, Scott, Tom, Mark, me.  Paul was there for a bit before he left to have dinner with his daughter Clare. Topic tonight was what role a higher … Continue reading

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Oh, You’re So Pragmatic.

Summer                                    Full Strawberry Moon “My experience is what I agree to attend to.” – William James Pragmatism and pragmatists are an original American (US) contribution to the history of Western philosophy.  Since I can’t get my hands around it well, … Continue reading

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The Self & The Other

Beltane                                Waxing Strawberry Moon Finally, some sun.  That’s good for the bees, good for the veggies and good for the spirit. I collect articles on certain subjects:  art, aesthetics, philosophy, political theory, modernism, individualism for instance.  Over the last few … Continue reading

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