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Winter and the Future Moon Monday gratefuls: Ruth and Jon skiing. Gabe peeling potatoes. Kate getting Murdoch upstairs. The picker at King Sooper. Having Sunday free of workout. Cleaning off my table. Organizing and preserving my paintings. Kate paying the … Continue reading

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A Five Year Anniversary

Samain and the Gratitude Moon Tuesday gratefuls: Gertie and Kep slept until almost 5:30. An extra hour of sleep for me. Brother Mark’s feeling better over in Saudi Arabia. Joe’s movers will come today. Sister Mary reports heavy rains in … Continue reading

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Dream Fragment

Summer and the Recovery Moon The glacier is gone. I looked out the window and where, yesterday, there had been a small glacier, the hillside was clear. My heart sank. Later, I would tell friends it was gone. And cry. … Continue reading

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Spring                                                                              Rushing Waters Moon Slept fine. But there is a certain heaviness this morning. A matter of this news, this cancer (see post below), seeping in to my psyche, I suppose. A dullness, compensation for the sharp knife. It wasn’t … Continue reading

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Seeking the myth beyond reason

Winter                                                                             Waxing Moon A year theme. I mentioned buddy Paul Strickland’s choice: Bumping into Wonder. A few resolute type sentences* laid out some trails I want to follow in the new year, trails I’m already on, none of them new. … Continue reading

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A Permeable Self

Samain                                                                  Thanksgiving Moon Tarnas uses Jung to make a bridge to astrology. First, he credits depth psychology, especially Freud and Jung, with moving Enlightenment rationality into the realm of a neo-primal worldview. The collective unconscious is a vast sea in … Continue reading

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