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Cumberland Gap

Beltane Waxing Dyan Moon May 30th, toward evening Capitol Limited, traveling through the Cumberland Gap We passed Cumberland, West Virgina 15 minutes ago. The train stopped near the Union Rescue Mission. Nearby a man with a sleeveless t-shirt, a gut … Continue reading

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Beltane          Waxing Dyan Moon Acela Lounge,  Washington, D.C. Leg two of the trip begins in about two hours, the Capitol Limited to Chicago.  This is, again, a sleeper.  The first few hours in daylight will take us through Maryland, West … Continue reading

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The End of Masonry Forts

Beltane              Waxing Dyan Moon Savannah Hilton Head Island International Airport The rental car has returned to its stable, now a “dirty car” in the lingo of the rental car world.  The KIA was ok, but seemed a bit tinny to … Continue reading

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Fried Foods. Enough.

Beltane         Waxing Dyan Moon Folkston, Georgia           Gateway to the Okefenokee The Okefenokee Restaurant is the place to eat in Folkston.  It has a country buffet.  When I looked at the fried entrees, I asked for a menu. It said, “We … Continue reading

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Sun Almost Shines

Beltane             Waning Flower Moon Westin, Hilton Head Island Some heat has returned.  I only needed my gray great river energy zip up for the first half of the morning. The Coastal Discovery Center sits about a mile, maybe two from … Continue reading

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