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Written By: Charles - Aug• 21•20

Lughnasa and the Labor Day Moon

Friday gratefuls: Rigel asleep on the floor, my side of the bed. Her bag of meds and the schedule laid out by Kate. Palisade Peaches and center cut pork chops. Easy Entree. Amber, again. Rain yesterday, good rain, during a red flag day. All the firefighters deployed to the Western Slope. The Pine Gulch Fire, now the 2nd largest in state history.

Rigel went outside yesterday when the neighbor dogs barked. She came up and down the short stairs between the first level and the second. She ate some canned food and took her first meds at home. As VRCC predicted, she was tired and spent most the time splayed out on the rug.

As was her occasional habit anyhow, she didn’t get up for breakfast. It’s five o’clock, Dad. I’ll feed her a bit later.

As we were going to sleep last night, Kate said, “It feels good to have the whole family back together.” It did. My mind didn’t have to wander all the way to Edgewood to Rigel’s kennel. I could reach down and pat her head. Which I did.

I sent Ruth a text with a short video of Rigel walking out of the VRCC. She is strong, Ruth said. Yes, I replied. Like you and your Grandma.

No matter what happens after this, yesterday was a good day.

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