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Beltane                       Waning Dyan Moon “Very simple ideas lie within the reach only of complex minds.” – Remy de Gourmont Don’t you suspect Remy de Gourmont considered him(her)self a complex mind?  It’s the simplest explanation for this quote. Our two puppies … Continue reading

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New Dogs

Beltane                      Waning Dyan Moon Something hinky with the 1&1 servers today. (my web host)  Couldn’t get on until late.  Back now. I spent the morning and late afternoon working on an America’s tour for a group of design students at … Continue reading

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Traveling Together. How?

Beltane                         Waning Dyan Moon Speaking too soon.  Right after I posted the last entry Kate got sick.  She lay on the couch in our deluxe room, sweating and feeling miserable.  This concerned me, both for her and for what it … Continue reading

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