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On Board

Fall Waning Autumn Moon Sunday, October 16th, 2011 Somewhere south of New York City in the Atlantic. We traveled on the earth by taxi and town car; we traveled in the air by plane; we now move across the ocean. … Continue reading

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Acts of Omission

Fall                                                                      Waning Autumn Moon Went out in a cool fall afternoon, cut open bags of composted manure, spread them with a cultivator, working it into the soil.  Poured leaves from our trees over the top.  An investment in next year’s … Continue reading

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Fall                                                    Waning Autumn Moon The packing has begun.  Items have been sorted for relevance, need and weight.  A long trip that extends through several time climactic zones, from equatorial to sub-Antarctic, combined with a small space, the stateroom, makes challenges … Continue reading

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Reading Matters

Fall                                                             Waning Autumn Moon Found these questions on one of my frequent reads, The Chronicle of Higher Education.  Thought they’d be interesting to answer. Q: What’s the first thing you read in the morning? The Minneapolis Star-Tribune. Q: What newspapers … Continue reading

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Class of 99: Reunion

Fall                                                        Full Autumn Moon Occupy Wallstreet.  Upfront.  I don’t like the idea of a left wing tea party.  If the route to factional power requires offering up common sense and logic, let me ride with wimpy center right Democrats.  On … Continue reading

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News from Ha’il

Fall                                                            Full Autumn Moon News from Ha’il*.  Mark reports having to leave a restaurant with a friend because it was about to close for prayers.  During prayers many businesses in Saudi Arabia lock customers in so they can continue shopping … Continue reading

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