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Book of Life, Black Holes

Summer                                                                    Woolly Mammoth Moon Yesterday was a big day. Up early to write, workout. Lunch with Alan Rubin to start planning for the 6th and 7th grade religious school at Beth Evergreen. Home for a fitful nap. Left at 5:30 … Continue reading

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Sweat, Black Holes and Sushi

Summer                                                                       Woolly Mammoth Moon 49 this morning. Easing back (if that’s the right phrase) into high intensity interval training (HIIT), up to 9 minutes of 30 second, 20 second, 10 second intervals, moderate for 30, higher speed for 20, as … Continue reading

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Summer Solstice 2018

Summer                                                                         Woolly Mammoths As I said in a recent post, I look forward to the summer solstice for what most would think is an odd reason. It’s the day when Sol begins to slowly diminish his warm embrace, from now … Continue reading

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Kate and radiation

Summer                                                                      Woolly Mammoth Moon Kate’s had a big couple of days. Tuesday night was the Beth Evergreen board meeting. “I feel like I’m among my peers.” And yesterday was the Needleworkers here at our house. She presented food in abundance: … Continue reading

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This and that

Beltane                                                                            Woolly Mammoth Moon All the Woollies are back in their places with bright shiny faces. Mark and Tom in the Twin Cities, Paul in Robbintson, Maine. Kate had her first board meeting last night. She dressed up in her … Continue reading

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Cleaning the Pine Pollen Off Our Solar Panels

Beltane                                                           Woolly Mammoth Moon According to my weather system we’ve had 1.5 inches of rain this month. That’s 6.8% of  our annual precipitation total of 22 inches. (Conifer does better than the state, precip wise, 22 inches on average with … Continue reading

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Home Again

Beltane                                                                               Woolly Mammoth Moon Back from the lands of the ancients. Back from the still growing 416 fire, now 30% contained. Back from an immersion in my old life so complete that I would occasionally say here, referring to the … Continue reading

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