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Lounge Lizards

Beltane           Waning Dyan Moon Metropolitan Lounge, Chicago, Illinois Once again in this pleasant wood lined lounge with comfortable chairs and internet access.  Here they check baggage until your train boards, have treats and drinks.  They also guide us out to … Continue reading

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Being with Those We Love

Beltane                    Waning Dyan Moon Crowne Plaza Hotel, Indianapolis, Indiana Family reunions.  First cousins, the forward edge of the baby boom, we hold each other in special regard.  We know the trajectory of each other’s lives.  Kenya lost her husband Ron … Continue reading

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Beltane          Waning Dyan Moon Hotel, Downtown Indianapolis We got in last night on time, about 5 to 12 EST.  The station echoed with emptiness, though the attached bus station buzzed with people coming and going.  We walked down a doubled … Continue reading

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Do you linger?

Beltane                     Waxing Dyan Moon Lingering, an interesting article from the blog N+1, asks the question, is life richer with the internet?  The author answers in a mild positive, noting that the web satisfies curiosity and provides a platform for otherwise … Continue reading

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