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March the Lamb

Spring                                                 Waxing Awakening Moon All signs point to a historic meteorological March here in the north country.  No snow.  None.  Nada.  Null.  Only 6 nights below freezing and not one day when we claimed the lowest temps in the US.  … Continue reading

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Poison Fruit

Spring                                        Waxing Awakening Moon Spring has sprung, then it sprang back.  23 today.  Not prime gardening weather yet. The conservative embrace of right wing populists has begun to bear poisoned fruit again.  They referred to Obama and African-American congressmen as … Continue reading

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The Grout Doctor Has Left the House

Spring                                                Waxing Awakening Moon The grout doctor has sealed the grout and left the house.  His van has a license plate that reads, The  Doc.  After he finished, Byron from Dorglass came.  He installed the new door for the steam … Continue reading

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Awakening in the Dark

Spring                                              Waxing Awakening Moon Rolled down the car window–oops, anachronism.  Pushed the button which slid the window down–and the scent of moist earth rolled into the truck.  Peat moss mixed with new plant and freshly unfrozen water carried along by … Continue reading

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