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Imbolc                                                      Full Bridgit Moon Uprisings for democracy in the Middle East.  I’m still a fan and await with some eagerness the next chapter in the story as these people’s movement try to make the difficult transition from protest to governance.  … Continue reading

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First Titian Tour

Imbolc                                                                         Full Bridgit Moon First Titian tour today.  If I examine my own touring skills, as I try to from time to time, I find that I’m better touring old master’s of Western art and Asian art than I am … Continue reading

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Still Examining

Imbolc                                                        Waxing Bridgit Moon Greg Membres, my Latin tutor, recommended a film, The Examined Life.  You may have seen it already since it was made in 2008, but it’s a powerful introduction to some fundamental philosophical questions like ethics, the … Continue reading

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Family Celebrations

Imbolc                                                                Waxing Bridgit Moon No aurora so far.  A big solar flare yesterday, but nothing much going on right now. I had a truly senior birthday dinner experience.  At 4:10 I went into see my physician, Tom Davis, to get … Continue reading

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Scottish deerhound is best in show at Westminster

Imbolc                                                                Waxing Bridgit Moon NEW YORK – A Scottish deerhound that loves to chase wild animals caught his biggest prize yet, winning best in show Tuesday night at the Westminster Kennel Club. What a gorgeous dog.  Reminds me of a … Continue reading

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Life Review

Imbolc                                                       Waxing Bridgit Moon “Justice is what love looks like in public.” – Cornel West    So, valentine’s day is a justice holiday, too.  I like it.  I met Cornel West in 1974, when we were both much younger.  We attended … Continue reading

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Will You Still Need Me? Will You Still Feed Me?

Imbolc                                                 Waxing Bridgit Moon Iconic birthdays.    Sweet sixteen.  18-old enough to die.  21–when I was young, this was THE iconic birthday.  Ok to drink.  Woops.  A few years later I was an alcoholic.  Then for my generation there was 30.  … Continue reading

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