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Digital Judaism

Winter                                                                              Imbolc Moon I spent part of yesterday compiling a table of Jewish Studies courses online. This all got started because I wanted to know more about modern Israel. I found a Coursera course online, The History of Modern Israel. … Continue reading

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A Good Heart

Winter                                                                 Imbolc Moon Kate has a good heart. I’ve always known that. Yesterday it took an iv, a treadmill, some radioactive dye, thallium, and a scan, plus all those technicians and physicians, to prove it. Her lungs are good. Her … Continue reading

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Rigel et Mois

Winter                                                                                  Imbolc Moon Two gray beards. Dogs and owners who look alike.

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Winter                                                                        Imbolc Moon Well. Finally. A real snow storm. The white stuff started falling around midnight on Saturday and continued through the day Sunday. Maybe 10 to 12 inches. Ted of All Trades plowed us out in the afternoon. I … Continue reading

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Bees, Dogs, Hearts and Shoulders

Winter                                                                   Imbolc Moon Rigel’s blood work so far is encouraging. Her liver values are back to normal. This may be a sudden old age shift to intolerance of chicken protein. The rabbit diet food is on its way from … Continue reading

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Figuring Things Out

Winter                                                                          Imbolc Moon Rigel. We took her to the VRCC, the Veterinary Referral Center in Englewood. This place is the equivalent of the University of Minnesota’s Vet Hospital for the Denver Metro Area. The Vet school here is in Colorado … Continue reading

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We Die

Winter                                                                     Imbolc Moon Been thinking about dying recently. No, really. In a good way. I try to imagine myself dead at least 5 times a day, my body lying on a small tilted table awaiting cremation. Kate and I saw … Continue reading

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Zerizut. Mother letters.

Winter                                                                     Imbolc Moon Oh, my. Two nights out again. Bedtime missed by an hour, two last night. Resilience is not what it used to be and hasn’t been for a long time. Even so. Tuesday night was kabbalah, an exciting … Continue reading

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Life is like an hourglass

Winter                                                                             Imbolc Moon This is a short piece from a book, 365 Tao: Daily Meditations. It’s day 350. It fits so well with kabbalah, as I’m finding Taoism often does. Life is like an hourglass Consciousness is the sand Imagine … Continue reading

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