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Swimming in da Nile

Spring                                                                        Rushing Waters Moon Swimming in denial. That’s me. I sent an apology e-mail to Dr. Eigner saying I had misstated my PSA. I wrote it to him as 1.2, but it was really .12, I said. Just got a … Continue reading

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My Age

Spring                                                                          Rushing Waters Moon Earth day. Gabe turns 11. At the baseball game I asked Gabe what would change when he turned 11. “My age,” he replied. He’s that kinda kid. Four signs of spring in three days. Pesach. Easter. … Continue reading

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The most effective way to tackle climate change? Plant 1 trillion trees CNN

Spring                                                                                 Rushing Waters Moon 1 trillion trees  Tomorrow is Earth Day, Gabe’s 11th birthday. So let’s call it Plan Gabe. I wrote a piece about this process, a new word to me, afforestation. Let’s say you do nothing to advance … Continue reading

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Leave Some Faith Over for Your Mother

Spring                                                                               Rushing Waters Moon When I set out, long ago, on my forever not done task of reimagining faith, I didn’t want to reimagine Christianity. My goal was to focus on faith itself. Why and how. Was there a way … Continue reading

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No Cheffing Required

Spring                                                                         Rushing Waters Moon Kate and I discussed ways to relieve my stress. One source of stress for me was the evening meal. Part of me, a very strong part, wants to be a chef every night. Something new, something … Continue reading

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Spring                                                                                   Rushing Waters Moon Meanwhile, on a Jeep in front of me on the way home with Kate: Another sticker I couldn’t get a good picture of, same Jeep: The second amendment is my gun permit.

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Spring                                                                        Rushing Waters Moon Stressed. That’s me. Boiled over. Had to pick up Kate from Swedish yesterday. Drove in, 45 minutes, ready to leave. Do you have the oxygen? That’s Kate’s portable O2. No. Well, we can’t let her out … Continue reading

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Bernie Madoff rather than Jesus in the their hearts

Spring                                                                              Rushing Waters Moon read this article in the NYT. wrote in on comments. This: “Well. Retired Presbyterian, UU clergy here. It was a used donkey that Jesus rode on Palm Sunday. He turned the tables on the money lenders. … Continue reading

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You Old Dog

Spring                                                                               Rushing Waters Moon from friend Tom Crane: “CIVILIZATIONS MAY COME AND GO, but good dogs are forever. In a first for canine forensics, researchers have reconstructed the head of a domesticated dog that lived in Scotland’s Orkney Islands some 4,500 years ago. Based … Continue reading

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Caregiver Man

Spring                                                                                Rushing Waters Moon Kate’s in Swedish yet again. On O2 up here her oxygen saturation went down to 87. Runs about 98% on O2 on Shadow Mountain. She was also short of breath. That continued down the hill, but … Continue reading

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