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Bees, Clay, and Prints

Mid-Summer                                                                              Waning Honey Flow Moon Long day.  Up at 7:00 to get a head start on the bees.  Hive inspections done, then get ready for Northern Clay. At Northern Clay Kate and I tried to make cylinders.  Not as easy … Continue reading

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Bee Diary: July 18 2011

Mid-Summer                                                                   Waning Honey Flow Moon The six new honey supers did not prove necessary since I’m still two supers ahead of each colony, but it does look like colonies 2 & 3 have already stored a lot of honey, especially … Continue reading

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To Bee, To Do

Mid-Summer                                                             Waning Honey Flow Moon Out to the bees in just a few minutes to slap on two more honey supers each, the six I finished varnishing yesterday while Mark put foundations in the frames.  This will find six honey … Continue reading

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Sunday, Sunday

Mid-Summer                                                                            Full Honey Flow Moon More fun with the alarm system.  Back and forth with ADT.  On the phone, pushing buttons.  Still the chirping.  Service call. Business meeting.  Scheduling a Denver trip for sometime in September.  Looking at buying some … Continue reading

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Does It Play To or With Our Cult of Celebrity?

Mid-Summer                                                                    Waxing Honey Flow Moon So.  Attended a political meeting in the morning, came  home, took a long nap, got up and put Helmsman varnish on the honey supers, six, then went up and watched some TV after a conversation … Continue reading

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The Deal. The Old Deal, Not A Big Deal.

Mid-Summer                                                               Waxing Honey Flow Moon Apres deluge.  Drove into St. Paul this morning, a long chunk of the ride behind a pick-up with Louisiana plates.  Felt like the bayou during the tail end of a hurricane.  Driving in Minnesota seems … Continue reading

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The Day

Mid-Summer                                                                 Waxing Honey Flow Moon The card gods have failed to smile on me the last three months.  Paying me back for that lucky streak, teaching me–again–humility.  But.  Bill Schimdt, with brother Pat over his shoulder, won big tonight.  Congratulations … Continue reading

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Love Is Not Only For the Animal World

Mid-Summer                                                           Waxing Honey Flow Moon Kate’s put up ten jars of red currant jam and put together six honey supers.  She’s a great ally in estate management with her skills.  She keeps saying, “I’m surprised how much major surgery slows … Continue reading

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