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Black Friday

Samhain                                                   Waning Thanksgiving Moon Kate had to tell me, again, what black Friday means.  Apparently (and you probably already know this) it’s the date retailers calculate they slip over from being in the red to being in the black.  When … Continue reading

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Samhain                                        Waning Thanksgiving Moon Kate, Annie and I ate Thanksgiving dinner at Axel’s Woodroast in Roseville.  This was a major production, a huge buffet and seating for family size parties in the ballroom.  The food was good, not gourmet, but … Continue reading

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Not Stepping In The Same River Twice

Samhain                                                      Waning Thanksgiving Moon Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  You, too, tiny Tim. Stayed up late last night reading a novel about a Chinese detective in Chinatown, NYC.  Not sure how it happened but China has become my favorite country, much like … Continue reading

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Samhain                              Waning Thanksgiving Moon An eternal schoolboy.  I sit with my legs crossed, feet tapping while I work on my Latin, that inferior position of student working its way into my 63rd year, an anxiety that I have trained myself … Continue reading

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Bad to the Bone

Samhain                                            Full Thanksgiving Moon Losing my wisdom impacted my jaw bone.  Bad.  It still hurts.  Very distracting and annoying. Sierra Club tonight working on a hiring committee and then the Legcom, still trying to suss out what the elections meant. … Continue reading

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The Man

Samhain                                         Full Thanksgiving Moon Y-chromosome work this am.  First, the Celica in for oil change, look over.  Then, Tundra in for bulb replacements on the left headlight and the fog light.  Tried to do Latin but my concentrater failed me:  … Continue reading

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Samhain                                       Waxing Thanksgiving Moon Another morning spent worrying our post-retirement budget, trying to make it fit our post-retirement income.  We’ll be able to do it and we’ll be fine: enough to eat, space and place to do things we love, … Continue reading

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Out, Out Damned Football

Samhain                                                  Full Thanksgiving Moon Like quitting smoking, which I did cold turkey, I have quit watching football.  I don’t need the aggravation, especially with the Vikes and I don’t see the gain, if any, as worth it anymore.  Leaves me … Continue reading

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Yak Trax

Samhain                                                Waxing Thanksgiving Moon We have a sloping, long drive way.  Most days no big deal.  On days like today, when rain has fallen, then frozen, it requires special equipment:  yak trax.  They slip on over the shoe or boot … Continue reading

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